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My Amapi tutorials
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Amapi User of the Moment

Meet my favorite 
Amapi User 
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Mostly Nihongo / Japanese

 Yoshihisa Inoi's Amapi Resources and Tutorials

welcome amapikids!
> is a monthly downloadable ezine on Amapi and Carrara 
>  - a variety of web, graphics and 3D discussion forums, hosted by Xara
> Targetware 3d graphics and Design forum, modeling airplanes and more
> Yahoogroup's forum on Amapi  /  Yahoogroup's forum on Carrara
> 3dcommune's Forums on Amapi or Carrara - great Brycetech support, home of his tutorial CDs
> Renderosity's Forums on Amapi or Carrara
> - some Strata users model with Amapi

Using Amapi for Modeling and Carrara for rendering/Animation
Some of the greatest Amapi+Bryce users
How to use Amapi for creating Morph Targets for Poser
and, some of the best Amapi+Poser users here, with tutorials
On Mac, Amapi exports to Strata. Better yet, Strata imports native Amapi!
Meet some artists who have used Amapi for modeling and Strata for rendering or animation.
more of Amapi's cartoon rendering
cool stuff for a mech - modeled by a 13-year old Amapikid!
How to use Amapi for Flash
Tutorial CDs
You've got to have it - the all new interactive Amapi Tutorial CD! 
 now at

Brycetech's Amapi tutorials at the Amapi Discussion Forum in
Check for his Amapi training CD too.

Using Wavefront OBJ files (.obj) with Amapi 

...Got Converters?  Have a CAD model you want to render for an illustration or animation?

Here are some of the tools I often use with Amapi for imaging, DV editing, postprocessing:
Irfanview, Boomer Video, GifMovieGear, Project Dogwaffle, ...
Plugins and other companion products I find interesting for Amapi and Carrara use or just because.
Cool Stuff made in part with Amapi or Carrara
3D in the real the real world
Some books related to what you may want to do with Amapi or Carrara
See the list
If it's almost free it may be good enough for me to mention it here. Version 5.15, 4.15, 3.0.3, 2.11 for Mac/Win and 2.11 for Linux plus a few other special editions (such as AmapiWeb, Amapi for Illustrator (Mac), ...) now available at

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Here are some sites and forums related to 3D and what's related, such as on 2D paint, uv mapping, game design, texturing, painting...
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