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f you can't watch the real Leonids because of bad weather or daylight, shoudln't you at least enjoy the virtual experience of it?
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And now for something (not) completely different...


Using programs such as Bryce, Vue-d'Esprit, RayDream, Terragen or Carrara Studio  you can model and create fascinating landscapes, complete with realistic sunsets and cloud patterns and add particle effects for  fire and volumetric smoke to it to make and animate your very own meteor showers. Come back in a few days to see more examples here. More Carrara links and tutorials are available here.

Free Demo/Trial versions are often available from the vendor's websites - use them to try your own artistic skills

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don't forget to keep an eye on the skies, it might just clear up in time for showtime! Check with Klipsi what's happening  over the skies of Thailand!


Got a great 3D meteor storm to share? Web3D technology has come a long way. This free 3D player is from TGS and contains a sophisticated particle emitter system. You can make shooting stars, space-warps, fire and smoke and much more. And it plays in full 3D over the web, courtesy of XML.

The player is currently available for Internet Explorer 5 (5.5 preferred) on PC and Netscape 4.6/4.7 on PC and MAC

click for closeupIMPORTANT: if you use Netscape 4.6/4.7 or similar you must have Java enabled for the plugin to work. JavaScript should be enabled if you want to close the popup window through the 'close' button in the popup, or if there are interactive behaviours in the 3space scene which use JavaScript functions. 
Use "Edit...Preferences" in Netscape to verify the Java settings.
Read first, then Click one of the following:
Full screen view web3D with 3Space for animated 3D shooting stars If you already have the 3Space player installed for your browser, and Java is enabled
JavaScript popup web3D with 3Space for animated 3D shooting stars select the 2nd particle system in the particle gallore collection, or get the player from the gallery there

Attention Educators:When the 3D player is running and showing the shooting stars, you can point the mouse in the view, then click-and-drag to rotate the view. You can see the meteors flying left-to-right, towards you, away from you (like in a sci-fi space warp...)
Like I said - it's full 3D!



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